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PFCTA 2015-2,
October 4-9th, 2015

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Some thoughts from the graduates of PFCTA 2014-2

  The Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy has been a life changing and chaplain changing event.  I have served as a Sheriff’s chaplain for little more than a year.  Most of what I have done has been filtered through my pastoral and life experience.  I felt very unprepared.  The PFCTA has equipped me with many very useful tools for chaplaincy.  It has helped me see the things I was doing right and given me so much more wisdom on how to become a more effective chaplain.  Thanks PFCTA and instructors for all that you have invested into the next generation of chaplains.

Jeff Humphrey
Island County Sheriff’s Chaplain
Oak Harbor, WA

We get wisdom from three sources: Our own experiences, other’s experiences, and from God who promises to give to us when we ask.  I cannot remember a time in my 53 years when I have received so much of the second two sources.  Every class instructor packed nugget after nugget of sound, wise, Biblical and practical and usable insight into the classes.  This Academy is outstanding.  

Stuart Vogels                                                                             
Executive Pastor                                                                              
Chaplain, WSP/WDFW

At first I wondered why we “un-experienced” were requested to spend a minimum of at least 12 hours in direct contact with PD and/or Fire BEFORE we had a class on “Ride Along Protocol”.  Now I understand-thanks!   I was delighted and honored to learn from excellent, experienced and passionate people who were gifted communicators-full of information.  I value the relationships that have been birthed.  Being new to the call of chaplaincy and female in a historically and heavily male in the world of emergency responders I appreciate the warm welcome, inclusion and being valued.  To God be the glory.

Judy Zurilgen
Federal Way, WA

I was so impressed with the extremely high level of training I received at the Academy.  The course work is exceptionally detailed yet concise and accessible.  The instructors were compelling and diverse and cover the broad spectrum of experience necessary for this vitally important work of chaplaincy.  My classmates have become brothers and sisters for life.

Chaplain Chuck Hickman                                                                               
Everrett Police Department

I am Jewish, my Department is predominantly Christian.  I cannot think of a better experience than this Academy in gaining what’s needed to be the best servant to my rescuers and my community. I am Jewish, this is a Christian organization putting this on, am I sure I really want to be involved?  After prayer and a lot of research and thought, what better way to serve my community in a chaplain capacity than to go where others like me put our beliefs aside and really listen to the wisdom, experience and knowledge offered us here at this Academy.  In chaplaincy you are “blessed to serve” anyone G-D puts in your path.  They can be of any and every race, religion, sex, etc.  And the training received does not discriminate.  This training made us all better providers of the service G-D has called us to and made me a stronger “weapon, tool servant: of my own personal faith.

Eric Neumeyer                                                                                 
Selah Police Department


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Death Notification: The Toughest Job in Law Enforcement

PDF - A refresher course for police and fire chaplains from Police & Security News. Written by Rebecca Kanable and used with permission.

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October 4-9th, 2015
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