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What the Alums of PFCTA 2015-1 Have to Say

When I ask myself what the Academy has meant to me, the first thing that comes to mind is:  It caused me to reconsider if I have truly been called to chaplaincy.  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. on the Thursday morning of the academy , full of doubt.  I shared this with my wife who is also my co-chaplain.  She faithfully listened.  Into the first class of the day came Tom Lumsden.  by the time he finished God reconfirmed that I have been called.  All of the teaching has been confirming and affirming.  I now believe I am equipped to begin.

Nick, Molalla Fire Department


Chaplaincy has been described to us this week as "the painful privilege".  "Who signs up to go in the night to deliver to someone, the most crushing blow they've ever received?  Really, who does that?"  Those who are called of God to journey with people through their most intimate moments of pain.  This work cannot be done alone.  This week I've been united with 30 men and women who share "the painful privilege".  We've been equipped by those who have gone before us to join the ranks of those who support our first responders.

Chris Peppler, Bothell Police Department

I have done a fair amount of Bible/Ministry training.  Nothing has prepared me more for chaplaincy than PFCTA.  The instructors are experienced, the contend invaluable and the hands on excercise with police and fire agencies was a ton of fun.  Before I came into this program I wasn't sure if deputies thought of me more than a 'wannabe", but now I know our presence as a chaplain is invited and respected.  I feel  prepared to escort Christ into the next crisis for our Department.

Andy Pursley,  Clallam County Sheriff's Department


You learn, you get challenged, you laugh, you cry, you get tired, you get inspired, you grow, you make new relationships, you get equipped, your "tool box" gets filled and you prepare to launch, reminded to be humble and serve.

Josi Jones, Edmonds, WA


I came to the Chaplain's Academy expecting a lot of information that I thought I probably already knew, since I've been a pastor for 30 years.  What I received was absolutely wonderful training by very qualified and experienced teachers.  (I would call them life coaches.)  Although the class time is needed and valuable, academically, the relationships I developed during the week for future friendships and chaplain resources were invaluable! 

The Academy is worth every penny and every hour if you even think you might want to serve somewhere as a chaplain.

Dan W. Ingram, Pastor Puyallup, WA


The Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy was a life changing experience.  The experts presented their materials in a vibrant and enthusiastic way.  The interaction between instructors and candidates was phenomenal.  I left with a great understanding of the challenges ahead and the great need of a chaplain in the new world I have been called to enter.  Thank you so very much and God Bless You!

Phillip E. Graf, Clark County Dive Rescue Team

Death Notification: The Toughest Job in Law Enforcement

PDF - A refresher course for police and fire chaplains from Police & Security News. Written by Rebecca Kanable and used with permission.

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May 7th-12th, 2017
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