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Now Accepting Registrations for
PFCTA 2015-1,
May 17-22, 2015


October 12 to 17 Academy Is Now Full ....accepting standby registrations in case we are given a larger room!

The overwhelming success of the Academy is catching up with us. We are now full for October 12 to 17 with 20 students registered. There is hope for a larger room to be assigned closer to October. If that happens we will be able to take up to 10 more students, so get your registrations into Registrar Colleen Regan soon.

You will be placed on the waiting list and notified in plenty of time to make arrangements to attend.

Thank you for your patience.
Dan Nolta, PFCTA Director

Some thoughts from the graduates of PFCTA 2014-1

As a sworn officer desiring to be a chaplain, this was amazing training!   I feel prepared and equipped to go out into the field to serve first responders with honor and respect and compassion.

-Officer Wendi Shackelford
Anchorage Police Dept.
Anchorage, Alaska
The PFCTA is a challenging and encompassing introduction to the world of police and fire service.  With a wide variety of topic presented by world class subject matter experts, it provides the requirement to enter this calling.  With over two decades of law enforcement service it has provided a gateway into continued service to my brothers and sisters and public in the name of our Father.

-Tim Bollig
I came into this academy thinking I already knew what this vocation was all about.  Our senior chaplain suggested I embrace this program and use it as an opportunity to network.  I came into this academy with an open heart and mind, leading me to be pleasantly surprised to discover the depth of the academy's instructors expertise and relevancy of the course material.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend and feel the material had more than added to what I already had known, giving me the tools to enhance the care I provide as a chaplain.

-Charles Huff, Chaplain
Central Mason Fire and EMS
Shelton, WA
The Police and Fire Chaplains Academy has prepared me for the rigorous ministry of serving my police department.  The practical tools placed in my hands will be invaluable.  I've spent years chasing academic degrees.  This training matches anything I have experienced.

-Dr. Steve Hill
I came to bring training back to my chaplaincy.  I am forever changed.  I expected head knowledge, the experience, the guidance.  I am blessed most by the hearts shared.  I am enriched by the Spirit's presence.  I am refreshed and encouraged and shored up by the new life-time friends with a common mission to serve.  I embrace more fully the "wounded healer".

-Mo Weber
Pierce County Sheriff's Department
I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for the chplain's academy.  When I got to the end of the week I realized how much more prepared I am now.  If you are contemplating chaplaincy, don't go into it without this Academy.

-Pastor Brian Dickison
God Creek Church
Mill Creek, WA


PFCTA Alum Makes Good in Hawaii
Dan and Colleen:
I just wanted to share a success story with you,... last month (May 2014) I was offered and accepted the police chaplain position for Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.  Pearl Harbor Naval Base and Hickam Air Force Base merged and they now have the 2nd largest police department in the state of Hawaii at about 1000 military and civilian personnel. 
Once I was thoroughly screened (character/moral integrity/committment), the key considerations of the Installation Commander and Chief of Police/Security Forces Commanding Officer was my police experience and the formal training I received at the Police & Fire Chaplains Training Academy (PFCTA).  Just thought you might like to know that I'm living proof of the value of the training you so expertly coordinated and offer at PFCTA.  What you are doing in this area is so right and so very valued.  Can't thank you (and your team of experts) enough for what you do. 

-Chaplain James Rollison
Honolulu, Hawaii 


PFCTA Graduates Its 500th Student:

The Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy reached a mile stone this last week. In our 22nd Academy we graduated our 500th student. She is Catherine Zystra of Monroe, Washington. On graduation night she stood before her classmates at the end of the graduation line. When her name was called she proudly stepped forward to receive her certificate of completion and was thrilled to hear that she was number 500 in our eleven year history.

This, in her own words is what the Police and Fire Chaplains Academy meant to her:

"My experience of the Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy was exceptional. The instructors each carried with them tons of experience and shared their knowledge, which helps me be more prepared to support officers and citizens. They inspired me to deepen my own faith commitment. Staff organized our class of chaplains and supported us so that we could become a community for one another, extending beyond our time here at the Academy. I highly recommend this Academy to any chaplain considering emergency response chaplain ministry."

Congratulations Catherine. You join a very long list of those who have completed the Police and Fire Chaplains Academy.

Dan Nolta, PFCTA Director


Next Session

October Academy Registration Now Open!
October 12-17, 2014

Death Notification: The Toughest Job in Law Enforcement

PDF - A refresher course for police and fire chaplains from Police & Security News. Written by Rebecca Kanable and used with permission.

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May 17-22, 2015
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