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May 18-24th Academy is Full!

Our May 18-24, 2014 Academy is now full. Please contact our Registrar, Colleen Regan to get registered for our next session in October.

Some thoughts from the graduates of PFCTA 2013-2

“The Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy has allowed me the opportunity to view the police and fire responders as well as their families through a different set of lenses. This academy has equipped me to respond to a crisis, crime scene or to serve a death notification appropriately. It is a privilege to represent my Sheriff’s Department as a chaplain, but it would be detrimental to my force not to be equipped. Thank you Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy staff for the countless hours, organizational skills and compassion that you have placed into training us chaplains. I am better equipped because of you.”
- June Bell Wynne, Wilmington, NC

“I thought that this academy training was going to be sixty hours of rules and regulations with a cross hanging in the corner of the room. Instead it has been a Christ centered immersion of education.”
- Tom Wigington, Puyallup, WA

“This was the best experience I have had in many years. Having not yet served in the field as a chaplain, this training has helped to equip me for when that day comes. The knowledge and experience of all those who taught us, brought it all home. The raw knowledge, and compassion they had/have for us and those they serve…thank you.”
- Wendy Whitney, Milton, WA

“I originally came to the academy with limited orientation so I did not know for sure what to expect. The two surprising elements were the intensity and quality of the courses. There was no mistaking that chaplaincy is serious business and not necessarily for everyone. The instructors were experienced, polished and professional. The treated each attendee with respect and as fellow brothers and sisters. Not once was anyone talked down to or made to feel their opinion was insignificant. Overall, a valuable investment of time and effort.”
- Ken Turney, County Wide Chaplaincy, Clark County, WA

“The Academy holds five very important aspects for those training to be an ES chaplain: The material covered is both academic and relating to self discovery…both are important. The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced. It is so helpful to be inspired by those who have led the way before you. Learning in an academic setting with others who aspire to the same vocation creates a fellowship conducive to learning and affirmation. Questions asked, materials covered and experiences shared, sent me on a journey of self reflection and ultimately, a confirmation of my aspiration to be a chaplain. Where two or three are gathered there in the midst of Jesus…God centered learning. I recommend PFCTA for those considering ES chaplaincy.”
- Sondra Sciola, Redmond WA Police and Fire

“The relevance and value of the training was such that no department should allow anyone…regardless of their theological or practical experience, background…be employed/utilized as a chaplain without first attending/successfully completing this academy. Our litigious society demands it; our purpose benefits from it, and our citizens and community deserve it."
- Jim Rollison PACFLT N34 Antiterrorism Pearl Harbor, HI


PFCTA Graduates Its 500th Student:

The Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy reached a mile stone this last week. In our 22nd Academy we graduated our 500th student. She is Catherine Zystra of Monroe, Washington. On graduation night she stood before her classmates at the end of the graduation line. When her name was called she proudly stepped forward to receive her certificate of completion and was thrilled to hear that she was number 500 in our eleven year history.

This, in her own words is what the Police and Fire Chaplains Academy meant to her:

"My experience of the Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy was exceptional. The instructors each carried with them tons of experience and shared their knowledge, which helps me be more prepared to support officers and citizens. They inspired me to deepen my own faith commitment. Staff organized our class of chaplains and supported us so that we could become a community for one another, extending beyond our time here at the Academy. I highly recommend this Academy to any chaplain considering emergency response chaplain ministry."

Congratulations Catherine. You join a very long list of those who have completed the Police and Fire Chaplains Academy.

Dan Nolta, PFCTA Director


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October Academy Registration Now Open!
October 12-17, 2014

Death Notification: The Toughest Job in Law Enforcement

PDF - A refresher course for police and fire chaplains from Police & Security News. Written by Rebecca Kanable and used with permission.

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May 18-23, 2014
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