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Fire Chaplain Training

The Police & Fire Chaplain's Training Academy partners with Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. To date, over 500 chaplains from the Northwest and as far away as the Philippines and Papua New Guinea have been trained.

Executive Director

Dan Nolta - Executive DirectorDan Nolta

Dan Nolta was a police and fire chaplain for over thirty years. The last twenty as a full time chaplain with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Along with Chaplain Alvie Robbins and Colleen Regan he founded the Police & Fire Chaplains Training Academy. In addition, he serves as International Ambassador for the International Conference of Police Chaplains. He served as President of the ICPC where he holds a ICPC Fellow Credential.

Registration Liaison

Colleen Regan - Registration LiaisonColleen Regan

Colleen Regan retired from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office with twenty years of service in support staff assignments. Prior to joining the Sheriff’s Office she had several years experience in the private sector in customer relations, personnel, credit and other areas.. She joined the Chaplain Academy in 2003, and has been responsible for the registration process of applicants to the academy, as well as other duties as assigned. She is also the widow of a law enforcement officer.

Training Staff

The leadership of the Academy seeks to provide the most professionally qualified and “classroom tested” instructors available to us, following the guidelines provided by the ICPC and FFC. You will be given the opportunity to evaluate course content and the instructor’s effectiveness.  The list below may not be complete and is subject to change per availability.

Mrs. Gayle Frink-Schulz
Behind the Badge Foundation

Mr. Dan Hamilton
Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor

Joel Ingebritsen
Chaplain, King County Sheriff’s Dept., Seattle Fire Dept.

Dr. Tim Klerekoper
Chaplain, DesMoines Police Dept., ICPC Certified Trainer

Dr. Bill Lotz
Chaplain, Tri-Cities Chaplaincies, FFC Training Director

Dan Nolta
Chaplain Emeritus, Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept., ICPC Fellow Credential, PFCTA Director

Paul Pastor
Sheriff of Pierce County

Mike Ryan
Chaplain, Bellevue Police Department

Darci VandenHoek
Evidence Technician and Crime Scene Reconstructionist, Hillsboro Police Dept,  and Washington County Major Crimes Team

Ryan Wywritzke
Patrol Officer, Fife Police Dept.

Jeff Nolta
Detective, Fife Police Dept.

Dr. Wendy Fraser
Fraser Consulting, L.L.C.

Tom Lumsden
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Bonney Lake, WA

Dr. Alvie Robbins
Chaplain Lakewood PD,
ICPC Certified Instructor .

Bill Terhune
Chaplain South Bay and Olympia Fire Departments
Chief, North Olympia Fire Department

Chris Bassett
Chaplain of Deputy Joint Forces Hdqtrs of the Washington National Guard.
Chaplain, Bonney Lake Police Department and Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept.

Bob Ihler
Chaplain, Sumner PD and Pierce County Sheriff's Department

Academy Standards

Believing that those in religious leadership positions are to be held to higher standards and that chaplains in the Law Enforcement and Fire Communities are in leadership positions, the following policies are provided for and apply to those attending the Police and Fire Chaplain Training Academy.

1. Should you identify a need, concern, or way in which we might serve you while you are here at the Academy please make contact with the director or deputy director. Our desire is for this to be a beneficial experience for all attendees.

2. The PFCTA is a partnership between Tacoma Pierce County Chaplaincy and the Washington criminal Justice Training Commission. This being the case those attending the Academy fall under the standards of behavior expected by both organizations.

3. The core values of the academy: “Service Before Self,” “Total Integrity,” and “Excellence In All We Do” must serve to guide staff, trainer, and trainee alike.

4. No chaplain trainee shall be required by the Academy staff, training staff, resource person, or another chaplain trainee to participate in any activity, discussion, or project that is in violation of his or her deeply held moral convictions and/or his or her faith group standards.

5. The training environment is to be one of frank and open discussion, however it also must be one of safety, mutual respect, and cooperation. In the training session, open and forthright discussions of differences are encouraged. However, let the words, “honor” and “respect” watch over each participant as he or she guards against disruptive and/or destructive interactions.

6. Chaplain trainees should insure that all behavior reflect in a positive way upon their home jurisdiction or department upon Tacoma Pierce County Chaplaincy and the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission.

7. The WCJTC has a staff chaplain who will handle chaplain services for that organization. Should there be a need for you to meet with Basic Law Enforcement Academy students and others at the WCJTC who are from your home jurisdiction you will need to do so outside of Academy hours or on your personal time. Please keep the staff chaplain informed so that he might provide continuing care after the Academy closes.

8. If by mutual agreement a chaplain trainee will not be able to meet the Academy graduation standards, such a person may withdraw from the Academy with a full refund of any unused tuition.

9. Safety is a high priority. If in the view of the a trainer, or a chaplain trainee, there is an unsafe condition, such concerns must be communicated to the Academy leadership.

10. Dress standards are to be in keeping with the training environment. Therefore business casual is the standard. For example slacks and a polo shirt would be acceptable. Dress for such practical activities as may be required will need to be in keeping with that activity.

11. Should a chaplain trainee’s behavior reflect adversely upon and/or not be in keeping with the highest standards of the PFCTA, T-PCC, or the WCJTC, such a person will be asked to voluntarily, immediately, and of his or her own free will withdraw from the program. All remaining tuition will be forfeited.

May 7th-12th, 2017
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Equipping police and fire chaplains with the skills to safely and effectively function in emergency response environments.

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